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Maatr (2017) BluRay

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  • Simran (2017) DVDRip

  • Genre: THRILLER|

    Storyline: Vidya, whos left shattered after her daughter Tias murder, seeks vengeance by fighting the broken justice and criminal system.

    Review: Let me start the story with a 13 years old girl from a broken family – Meenal. Meenal is a school going girl studying in class 8 or 9. She is from a broken family – in the sense that both parents are often fighting with each other – father is a frustrated drunkard and mother is dissatisfied with her husband. She quietly sits locked in her room when her parents scream and shout at each other! In comes a young boy – in his early 20s and sees the state of the broken family. He realizes that

    Stars: Raveena Tandon, Madhur Mittal, Alisha Khan

    Size: 241 MB

    Format: MP4|

    Source: DVDRip|

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