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Jab Harry met Sejal (2017) DVDRip

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    Storyline: The story revolves around Harry and Sejals journey across Europe. A search for Sejals engagement ring makes Harry understand love and relationships better. Sejal experiences new found ...

    Review: What happened to Shahrukh from Chak De India and Swadesh? That Shahrukh who used to do good movies like that and now he keeps churning out bad movies back to back. Can anyone call that old Shahrukh and send this new Shahrukh to whatever hellhole he came from!? This movie is no different from his earlier movies he has done before, its not even an original movie but a copy of Hollywood romantic classic "When Harry met Shelly". They will tell you its different..yeah, right! If Shahrukh is not going to do a original movie and copy- paste some movie and then at least do it had one job for god sake!!! Shakrukh is like 51 years old but still he is doing romantic movies, he should start doing movies which suits his age. In this movie, he is playing a lover boy who is in his 20s-3Os. He looks more like a grandfather of Anushka than her love interest. Shahrukh did an overacting as usual, just horrible horrible like he is suffering from seizure which is coming every one minute. If thats not his acting and thats how he has became in real life, then he check those seizures out from a doctor, my sympathy from him and although, sometimes Anushka does an amazing job but in this, she has those expressions in her face which make me want to punch her. I think that has to do with her botched lip surgery, thats why she cant emote and speak properly. While they travels the world together in this movie, they should go to a doctor together too. What to say about this movie? Nothing new, just another one where boy meet girl, girl meet boy and then they eventually fall in love like we havent seen clichés like this which has been rehashed like 5677234556 times. The movie was so awful that I should be given some kind of award for managed to sit throughout the end. Firstly I dont find the story very enjoyable. To make a whole film about two people meeting through various stages of their lives and slowly, or should i say very slowly, starting a relationship is boring. Secondly I did not find anything funny. I was looking for some laughs, but it turned to be a total dud, like its trying too hard to be funny. I could not focus on the film and whatever story there was in it, because dialogues were mostly forced and unnecessarily long. Maybe this is poor writing, maybe poor editing, but in any case, it resulted in a film that is hard to watch. What happened to the directed like Imtiaz Ali like his mind was too distracted while making this movie. You will only like

    Stars: Shah Rukh Khan, Björn Freiberg, Martavious Gayles

    Size: 322 MB

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