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Poster Boys (2017) DVDRip

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  • Simran (2017) DVDRip

  • Genre: COMEDY|

    Storyline: Life of three men comes in trouble when their photos appear on advertisement for sterilization.

    Review: There was a time when male sterilization was so demeaning but now a days, approach is changed. If they had handled this subject in light way then it could have been ticklish but they stuffed it with pretending unnecessarily high pitch drama and stupid comedy. In climax they tried to justify this subject in sensible way but that was too late and sudden. Film opens with all male actors back to camera, one journalist speaks about them and film goes to flash back with loud back ground and then opens with a dance sequence on which credits roll over. Nothing gels well, neither that back ground sound, nor that item song but character gets introduced in it. They tried to keep poster issue as surprise for almost 25 minutes which was well exposed and revealed in trailer! They have tried to encash already established two male protagonist image by mocking their own hit dialogues. Master, played by Bobby Deol, has soldier song as ring tone. Government officer name is Balwant!! It is obvious that they could not find new gags so they tried to go on beaten path. Chaudhary (Sunny Deol), suddenly turns into his high voltage angry image by breaking lock, chair etc !! Drama seems lame and loud because of not so dramatic Poster issue but is has established as disaster by showing, Chaudharys sister marriage gets cancelled. They think about ancient scene like Pagadhi putting on grooms father feet for not cancelling marriage !!? Masters wife, who has already two daughters, threatens him to divorce because she wants another male baby. Third, a recovery agent but behaving like goon is accepted by girls family but gets rejected by girls father due to that poster. There is nothing in the name of characterization. For example, teacher lives in Punjab, teaches Geography then speaks typical Hindi and sometimes Chemistry formulas, who is known for forgetting crux lines. A deaf photographer and his chubby female translator assistant!! Makers would have thought it as a laugh riot but it was lamest long scene. If male sterilization was so demeaning for that village than rather than going for medical checkup to prove that they had not done it they try every way like thrashing officers, going to court then announcing in press conference for nude protest but doing semi nude protest. First half is somehow bearable but second half is annoying. That long protest scene is too much. Everything happens in jiffy in climax. Even they preach after all stupid show off. Performance wise Bobby Deol as tea

    Stars: Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Shreyas Talpade

    Size: 291 MB

    Format: MP4|

    Source: DVDRip|

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