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  • Kindergarten Cop 2 (2016)

  • Kindergarten Cop 2 (2016)

  • Genre: COMEDY|

    Storyline: Assigned to recover sensitive stolen data, a gruff FBI agent goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher, but the schools liberal, politically correct environment is more than he bargained for.

    Review: While the original film was not exactly a cinematic masterpiece, it was an enjoyable movie for many different people. It worked because of Arnolds surprisingly excellent interaction with the kids. It had a balance of light-heartedness and seriousness as he flipped between his teaching job and his real job as an undercover cop looking for a witness. There were plenty of laughs, but when it was time to get serious, it actually did get intense and suspenseful.

    Stars: Dolph Lundgren, Fiona Vroom, Aleks Paunovic

    Size: 160 MB

    Format: MP4|

    Source: DVDRip|


    Part 2

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